MBA40 is Manchester's fun, friendly and relaxed weekly basketball night for those of us who've reached the big 4-0.


We are committed to make it easy for players of all standards to get back into team sport, often after a break of many (many) years. We welcome everyone who wants to come along and play, get a little fitter, have some fun and not get hung up by missing a lay-up...


We run three sessions that cater for everyone from complete beginners to seasoned players:




MBA40 ‘Starter’ in association with the Manchester Giants



Tailor made for you to put a smile on your face as you progress from 'couch to 5 on 5 basketball' in just a few weeks.


The session: a combination of easy basketball drills suitable for everyone and the stretches & exercises that make you feel fitter.


Perfect for you: if you have barely held a basketball since school and the last time you ran was to catch last orders!


The 2nd season of MBA40 Starter starts on January 30th and will take place every Tuesday 8-9pm. Each session is just £6 and there is no commitment.


Message us at to register and for more info.



MBA40 ‘Classic’

The ‘original and best’ over-40s basketball night, now in its 11th season!


The session: an even split of stretches, fun coaching drills and short, full court games.


Perfect for you: if you know the difference between a pick & roll and a layup, but you can’t remember when you last did either!


Every Tuesday from 7-8pm. Just £6 per session with no commitment.




MBA40 ‘Scrimmage’

A friendly, relaxed full four-quarter game for the more seasoned player.


Perfect for you: if you play or have played until recently, and just fancy a slower pace of play.


Every Tuesday from 8-9pm. Just £6 per session with no commitment.





MBA40 sessions are every Tuesday from 7-8pm & 8-9pm at the National Basketball Performance Centre.





Watch the short intro video then click here to find out how to get involved!


If you have any questions, check out our FAQs page, or email us at


See you soon...





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