Everything you ever wanted to know about over-40s basketball in Manchester...

1. When is MBA40?

There are two sessions every Tuesday night: Session 1 7pm-8pm and Session 2 8pm-9pm. Get there 10-15 minutes early if you can to change and loosen up.


2. Where is MBA40?

MBA40 is at the (rather wonderful) National Basketball Performance Centre, home of the British Basketball Team and also the Manchester Mystics. It’s the Wembley of basketball courts and we’re so lucky to a) have it in Manchester and b) to be able to use it.


3. What does it cost and do I need to join anything?

It’s £5 per week or you can get a 10-session pass (with no ‘use-by’ date) for £45. There’s no commitment, no need to fill out membership forms or sign up to anything – just play when you can and have some fun.


4. What kit do I need?

All you need is a pair of trainers, shorts and a T shirt (although full Chicago Bulls kits have been spotted!) We provide all the balls, bibs, cones and everything else you need.


5. Is there parking

Yes, lots of it, and it’s off-street and free!


6. Are there changing facilities and showers

Yes there are, with ‘hot water and everything’!


7. Can I come on my own?

Most of our ‘members’ came along by themselves on their first night, or with just one mate. You don’t need to round-up a group of friends – just come along and have a go.


8. Do I need to book, or can I just show up?

Before your first visit, email us at play@mba40.co.uk and we'll sign you up (if there's space). After that, you'll get a weekly one-click-sign-up email - each session is capped at 18 players so it's advisable to sign up straight away. We appreciate that things come up which mean you might have to cancel, and that's fine, but we also appreciate your letting us know so we can give your place to someone else.


9. I haven’t played since school – I’m worried I’ll be useless

Don’t worry about it - the skill set ranges from former internationals to those of us who count hitting the backboard from 10 feet away as an achievement. All we ask is that you know the (basic) rules and you’re willing to give it a go. It’s fun, non-competitive and totally non-judgmental.


10. I don’t think I could run for more than 30 seconds – will I be fit enough?

Not going to lie, the first couple of sessions will be tough, but you’ll love it, and it gets easier week by week. We have regular breaks to catch our breath and you can sub off any time you want. Within a few weeks you’ll be running around like a teenager again – and trust us, that feels fantastic!


(For tips and advice on fitness and ways to maintain (rejuvenate!) an over-40s body, take a look at some of the stuff on our ‘Staying Healthy’ page.)


If you have a question that's not covered above, just drop us a line at play@mba40.co.uk and we'll get back to you


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